Organic Field

Go Organic!™ for Earth Day


Thank you to everyone, from shoppers to retailers to sponsors, who have participated in Go Organic! for Earth Day over the past five years. With your support, we have been able to reach millions of people with the important educational message of both the personal and environmental benefits of choosing organic products to help preserve our landscapes.

We'd especially like to thank Better Basement Solutions, LLC, Elite Vinyl Railings, Hosler's Homescapes Landscaping Services and Penn Dutch Structures for their support.

While it was a difficult decision to make, the Organic Trade Association and Effect Partners will need to put the campaign on hold for the coming year. Because of the campaign's effectiveness and its importance to the organic industry, the postponement does not mark the end of the campaign. We look forward to offering more organic product information and valuable coupons in the future.

Why should you Go Organic?

For Health!

Organic production helps protect your own health and that of future generations.

For the Planet!

Organic farming never uses toxic and persistent pesticides.  This helps keep air, water, and soil clean.

It's Easy!

Now nearly every food you eat has an organic alternative.  Many non-food agricultural products are being grown organically as well.

Interested in more information? 

Join Go Organic! for Earth Day on Facebook and become a fan! You can also follow our live Twitter updates and download the free Go Organic! application for your iPhone.

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